What you're like in bed based on your star sign

By Stephanie Nuzzo March 14, 2017
Horoscopes in bed

Here are the star signs most likely to rock your universe

Today, we’re talking about two topics that tend to spark the interest of many – sex and horoscopes – and thanks to the team at and we now know which are the most “cosmic” lovers.

Wanna know how well you get down? Check out the list below:


Aries, you guys have a bit of a reputation for, er, burning out a little quickly. You are classically recognised for diving into bed with a whole lot of energy and enthusiasm, but once you’ve been, um, “sorted out” you tend to roll over and call it a day. 


The bull is described as sensual and full of stamina. Two elements that bode well in the boudoir. You are all about the details, too. Think: lacy lingerie and candles. However, Taurus, once you find a method that works for you and your partner, you tend to stick to the routine. We don’t want to sound too harsh, here, but sex and habitual are two words that you never want to see together.  


Ever the two-sided coin, you Geminis have a dual approach to sex. While you are known to be open-minded, eager and perceptive, you can also lose your drive at a moment’s notice. And once it’s gone, you’re probably not getting it back anytime soon, which ain’t exactly fun for the other person in the room. 


The one time that crabs are welcome in the bedroom is when you’re getting frisky with a Cancer. You Cancerians take a romantic approach to the affair and will generally leave the room feeling connected to your partner. However, when Cancers are in a bad mood, you tend to do the complete opposite and can come across as quite cold. Ouch. 


Another clear romantic, Leos are known for making their partners feel loved and appreciate in the day-to-day. When it comes to sex though, sorry to say it lions, but you have a rep for being a little lazy… 


Virgos, you guys will do whatever you can to look after your lover in bed. You pay attention to their wants and always try and take them on board. The only negative with your, er, performance, is that you can be hesitant to take the lead, leaving your partner to always kick things off. Give them a break every now and again, yeah?


Libra, you are a little bit of a complicated sign. You find it hard to speak up when you don’t like something and then take it out on your partner. You are the champions of passive aggression and while you are big on the emotional connection that comes from making love, your silent dissatisfaction can spoil the experience for all involved. 


Congrats Scorpios! The right to brag is yours. The Scorpio sign is described as “the ruler of sex”, making it pretty damn obvious that you know what you’re doing between the sheets. Scorpios are full of energy and emotion and they have an incomparable sex drive. If you hop into bed with a Scorpio, this saucy little sign is going to give you all they’ve got.

Sagittarius describes a romp with a Sag as, “a trip to an amusement park”. Sagittarians, you are caring, but also love to let your hair loose and so, when it comes to the boudoir, you are often quite open-minded and sensual. Oh my!


Oh hey, Capricorn, you little fiend, you. 

You guys are experimental and a little wild in bed, although no one would know it up front. People tend to underestimate your inner sex god/dess, which you love. But your fault lies in your tendency to ignore your partner's needs and get carried away with your own desires. This isn’t a one-person show, Capricorn. Well, it can be. But that’s just a whole lot less fun. 


Creative Aquarius, you are curious and constantly looking to learn, which is always a plus when it comes to the bedroom. But, at times, your interest in experimenting can take away from yours and your partner's actual enjoyment of the experience. If you get too swept up in the new, rather than the effective, you may find your rendezvous may fall a little flat. 


Creative and emotionally expressive, Pisces are an intuitive sign, which generally equates to a pretty good time (wink, wink). According to, sex with Pisceans can be a “bonding experience in body and mind” and really, when it comes to a lover, that’s the jackpot, right?

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