This is how much the average Australian wedding costs

By Marni Dixit April 25, 2018

Oh. My. God.

MyWedding.Com have asked over 1000 engaged or recently married women to complete their biannual Cost of Love survey, revealing the average cost of weddings – and to say they're at an all-time high would be an understatement!

Australian couples are currently spending an average of $90,128 to tie the knot, double the average in the last decade and up four per cent on the last two years.

While so many people are probably sitting looking at their screens with their jaws on the ground, you might also be surprised to find out that that figure is 75 per cent of what the average Australian couple's income is. Not only that, but it's $30,000 more than the average personal income in Australia. 

Apparently, brides are spending on average $2,535 on a wedding dress with the survey also finding that 58 per cent were likely to get Botox pre-wedding than those who took part in the last survey.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission also looked into how much people are spending on their weddings and their result was a third of what MyWedding.Com found, however, it seems ASIC used data from 2012 so it may be a bit off. Check out their infographic to see what people spend their money on:

ASIC Wedding infographic

So, it looks like you'll probably be spending between $30,000 and $90,000 on your big day!