Three words you should never use on your online dating profile

By Marni Dixit May 18, 2017
Dating app

This could be the key to more matches!

Creating the perfect Tinder, Happn or Bumble profile is one of the hardest things a single gal or guy has to do, but it turns out there are certain words that you should avoid when writing your profile!

According to Daily Mail, research of over 400,000 online dating profiles reveals the words that appeal to both sexes and it's kind of surprising!

Apparently, men hate it when women use the word "curvy" to describe themselves – yes, seriously. While women didn't like when men described themselves as "trustworthy". Both sexes disliked it when someone described themselves as "shy" and "happy".

Eye roll

However, the top three words that did spark interest in men were: "sexy", "honest" and "confident", while women liked men that call themselves "honest", "intelligent" and "confident". 

Apparently, men and women also liked it when people described themselves as "humorous" and "romantic".

Time to edit that profile, guys!