These are the top Australian baby name trends for 2018

By Marni Dixit March 28, 2018

There's been a lot of influence from the royals!

Daily Mail Australia has spoken to social researcher Mark McCrindle about the new and emerging trends in baby names for 2018 as well as his predictions based on the research.

Apparently, there's not a huge difference in the top 10 when compared with last year's list, but there have been a few changes in the top 100.

While Charlotte and Oliver are still at the top of the lists for girls and boys, there are a few differences. Mr McCrindle said:

“The name Henry has entered the top 10 for boys for the first time in a decade - it's the Prince Harry effect as Henry is a variation of Harry.”

“It's a sign that we are really going back to the past with names in a lot of ways. It is the third top name in two states - the ACT and Tasmania.”

He also revealed that Lachlan has dropped off the list and Jack is moving further down:

"It's called the 'decade fade'. Name that were popular a decade ago fall off the list. For example Joshua was the top name a decade ago and now it's not in the top 10."

When it comes to girls names, Zoe is in the top 10 for the first time in a long time:

"Zoe is another traditional name and its a refreshing name. It's one of those names that ends in a vowel like Chloe and Ava and Isla and Mia and Olivia that people are loving... On the other hand, Emily has dropped out of the top 10 and is sliding further down.​"

He also added that the reason royal names are so popular:

“The royal names are traditional which people love and also scandal-free…The young royals are so popular and we know that the Duchess of Cambridge's child will be a huge influence. Charlotte raised to number one, George is right up there and this baby will be big too.”

Unisex names are also rising in popularity with names such as Peta and Riley being chosen. It seems "older names" are also seeing a resurgence with names such as Thea, Quinn, Florence, Bonny, Sonny, Vincent and Parker rising in popularity.

Names that were thought to be too "trendy" like Braxton, Jett, Harley and Jesse have dropped off. 

Apparently, we'll also be seeing a rise in names inspired by elderly family members with Thomas, Jack, Alexander, Amelia, Ava, Beryl and Pearl getting chosen more and more. 

What do you think of the trends?

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