The trendiest baby name in the world is barely used anymore

By Marni Dixit February 20, 2018

We wouldn't have guessed this!

We all know just how popular the name Sophia is nowadays, but did you know the name Linda had such a great rise in popularity one year that one in every 20 baby girls born in the US were given the name?

Yeah, neither did we!

Linda listen

Proofreader revealed the results after biotechnologist and blogger David Taylor did the research into the names that had the sharpest rise and fall in popularity. 

In 1947, the name Linda was given to five and a half per cent of girls in the US. Other names that have seen similar heights include Brittany and Ashley in the 80s and 90s.

It's believed Linda reached such heights because of a song by Jack Lawrence called Linda which topped the charts in the same year.

The trendiest boys name may also come as a surprise, with Jason taking the top spot followed by Mark, Dewey, Grover and Woodrow – seriously. 


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