This is the type of engagement ring that will suit you best

By Staff Writer September 1, 2017
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Different shaped hands suit different ring styles – be sure to get it right.

It could be argued that your engagement ring is the most important piece of jewellery you will ever buy. As with every kind of jewellery, there is a long list of options available for "the" ring and it can be difficult to tell which style will suit you best. 

For this reason, we chatted with jeweller Matthew Ely for a little bit of advice. According to Ely, you should always pay close attention to the way the length and width of your fingers contrast against your chosen ring and stone shape, meaning that the shape of your hand has a big influence on the kind of ring that will suit you best. 

Here are his top tips on choosing ring and stone shape:

Short Fingers:

For petite hands, elongating them is a great way to create balance. The ideal ring is a style that has a slender, narrow-width band to avoid cutting off your fingers. A longer shape that draws attention to the tip of your finger by drawing the eye upwards can help to add the illusion of length.

Consider: Oval and Marquise cuts.

Long Fingers:

Long fingers can accommodate most styles of gemstones due to the amount of surface area available. Elongated ring shapes can give the appearance of longer fingers, so for optimum balance, consider a round stone or a wide band. Something wide that does not have length will cut your finger off and make it look longer again. 

Consider: Round, Asscher, Radiant, Pear and Princess Cuts

Wide Fingers:

With wide fingers, you don’t want the piece to be lost on the finger so to help wide fingers appear more balanced, add length, and to take advantage of your surface area. Similar to long fingers, you can also accommodate large shapes with high carat sizes and wide bands. Narrow or petite stones may appear smaller in comparison to finger width, so there is an opportunity to experiment with cluster styles.

If you have a big knuckle, you generally want something that is slightly wider on the band, to help proportion the hand. 

Consider: Wide Oval Shapes, Round, Marquise and Asscher

Slender Fingers:

Finding the ideal shape for slender fingers is about selecting a style that won’t overpower them. To give the illusion of additional support, a small stone can help thin fingers appear wider and similarly thicker bands can give the appearance of width. 

Large, bold pieces and clusters have the potential to overwhelm.

Consider: Small round shapes, Princess, Heart and Oval Cuts

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