WA mum writes hysterical Gumtree ad for $1200 pram

By Giles Hardie September 22, 2017
Boy in pram

"I love this pram and I don't want to sell it because I feel like an actual Kardashian when I hit Coles with it."

Nikki has been on Gumtree since 2012 but today she can take pride in the fact that she just won it - and we didn't even know it was a competition until now. 

The mother of two from Western Australia has posted a genuinely hysterical ad for her Bugaboo Donkey Duo pram

Gumtree pram ad

What's so good about her ad? Everything. Just everything. 

We wish she was our mum!

But for those seeking detail, here's a few highlights.

First off she's up front about her reason for selling:

I love this pram and I don't want to sell it because I feel like an actual Kardashian when I hit Coles with it. My babes are now too big and I need a new pair of Manolo Blahniks because I dropped a meat lovers pizza on my other ones.

And also about the condition it is in - though maybe you don't want to buy anything else from Nikki:

in really good condition (a few black rub marks from the tyres, pram tyres, not car tyres, it's the only thing I haven't run over)

She's also really clear about all of the added features:

1 x bag thingy, completely impractical, but it looks cool.

The ad doesn't stop there though. Nikki has SO much more to tell us about her pram ... and her life.

Stroller out of control

She occassionally drifts into politics:

The Queen of Prams. Operates a double pram or single with a side shopping basket, yaaaasss no squished soggy bread in the bottom of yo pram from the 3 litre Harvey Fresh (support local Dairy Farmers).

There's even a little bit of a window into her domestic life (sorry Mr Nikki!):

1 x bassinet perfect as an extra large shopping basket for those retail therapy cos ya husband is too lazy to change a nappy and would it kill him to pick up his bloody dirty jocks days.

And also a comment on the domestic life of her potential buyer:

1 x comfort wheel board (the bike seat thing) and adaptor to stop your toddler whining their legs are sore after walking 3 meters. It also means you can carry three children, if you're brave enough to live that life.

Funny pram adSo are you keen? The good news is the "queen of prams" hasn't gone yet as it's not been retired from active service:

This pram will be available from the 8th October as it has one more tour of duty planned for October 7th.

Don't live in WA? Then depending on your cellar that may not be a problem:

Pick up only, or I may deliver if you catch me on a good day and offer wine.

Nikki wants $1200 for her "over $2500 worth of stylish prammy fabulousness" and while we aren't bidding, we think she's earned every sent.