Why you’re still single, based on your star sign

By Stephanie Nuzzo May 8, 2017

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Love can be tricky. If you're looking for a meaningful relationship but can’t seem to grasp onto one, you may often find yourself asking, why? 

And that’s a reasonable question... There may be a whole lot of reasons behind the fact you haven’t found your person yet. Maybe you just haven’t crossed paths with the right guy or girl yet? Or perhaps, the answers lie in the stars? For this reason, we’ve taken a close look at each zodiac sign and analysed why each one may have trouble finding love. Check out what we discovered, below:


You’re a busy ram and find it difficult to make space in your life for dating. However, you need to remember that hiding behind a full schedule is not only unhealthy, it closes you off to the opportunity of meeting someone wonderful... and that kinda sucks, no?


Taureans, your lack of “luck” in love comes from your unwillingness to consider anyone who isn’t “your type”. The fact is, the right person for you may be the last one you’d expect, so stop restricting yourself and you might be very pleasantly surprised. 


You twins tend to struggle with letting go of preconceptions about your age. Younger Geminis become wrapped up with the concern that they are too young for love and more mature Geminis assume the game is over for them. Loosen up a little and enjoy the journey and who knows what you’ll find – maybe, it’ll be the love of your life. 


Holding on to past lovers is a problem for the crab. You look back at old flames with a rosy hue and tend to forget the problems you once experienced. 

This habit is a dangerous one as keeping your head in the past prevents you from moving onto new and potentially more successful relationships in the future. 


Leo, your fiery attitude is part of the reason so many people find you attractive; they’re drawn to your energy and that makes meeting potential love interests fairly easy for you. 

But this same boldness can be what drives them away as quickly as you find them. Try to keep a level head and don’t dive right into every argument you’re presented with.


You surely know this already, Virgo, but we’ll tell you anyway: you’re too fussy. 

High standards are a good thing, sure. But not impossible ones. You tend to carry the belief that no one (yourself included) is good enough. 

If you only take two points away with you, Virgo, make them these: 

1. You are enough as you are.

2. Give people a chance; they may impress you more than you’d expect. 


You tend to gravitate towards unhealthy romantic relationships because of your inner urge to “fix” people. Maybe this is because deep down you don’t believe you deserve real, lasting love? 

In any case, you need to start looking out for number one a little more. It’s your turn to be happy, Libra. 


Ah, the scorpion… Look, you guys tend to have no problem finding short, sexy flings. Your problem is when you want them to extend past the point of casual. Sorry to say it Scorpio, but you can become a little needy and controlling when you catch feelings. 

Just remember, your S.O has good reason to want to be with you, so stop doubting that and loosen the reins a little. 


Sag, you’re fiercely independent and want to stay that way, so any time another person comes too close you panic and push them far, far away. 

This doesn’t mean to don’t want love in your life, just that you’re a little scared of change. What you need to realise, however, is that with the right person, intimacy won’t take away from what you enjoy most in life; it will actually make it a whole lot better. 


You’re driven, you’re successful and you’re switched on, Capricorn. You have major goals and you’re dedicated to achieving them. You’re also lying to yourself when you say that a relationship will stop you from doing that. 

Sorry, but that’s the truth. 


People fall for you all the time, Aquarius. You’re creative, empathetic and unique – what’s not to love? The problem is, you might not know it. Your “cool” air makes people assume you’re out of their league and that makes you hard to approach. 

If you want a chance at love, all you need to do is go for it the next time you feel sparks fly. 


Little fish, you tend to get too wrapped up in looking out for others’ happiness and forget your own. When it comes to love, you are 100 per cent committed to caring for your partner over yourself, which leaves you open to heartbreak. 

The secret to finding love for you, Pisces? It’s making sure your partner considers you just as highly as you do them; you deserve it! 

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