MAFS star Anthony talks publicly for the first time since the show ended

By Cassie Crofts April 19, 2017

Here’s what “Australia’s most-hated man” had to say...

He likely entered Married At First Sight to get his fifteen minutes of fame – but they probably weren’t the minutes he was after.

Since being branded “Australia’s most hated man” for his treatment of wife Nadia Stamp and fellow contestant Cheryl Maitland, Anthony has kept very quiet.

But the race-caller has finally stepped back into the public eye.

Adding to his Instagram for the first time since the show ended, the 33-year-old posted a photo of himself at Sydney’s Inglis Stables to his 3,000 followers.

“Great to be back at work and going to the races regularly. A huge thank you to the entire racing industry and particularly @skyracingau for all the support.”

If Nadia’s waiting for a public apology, we get the feeling she’ll be waiting a long long time…

But many of his fellow MAFS participants – including Nick Furphy, Sean Hollands, Andy Hill and Sharon Marsh – likes the post.

Noticeably absent were Cheryl and Nadia.

Kinda says it all, hey?

Image: Channel Nine/Married At First Sight