You can grab flights to Hawaii for just $239 right now

By Stephanie Nuzzo February 15, 2018

ALOHA savings!

The one crappy thing about February in Australia is that it becomes undeniably clear that summer is on the way out and gross, boring winter is slowly wrapping its icy fingers around us all… (Too macabre? Sorry. I don’t like the cold.) 


If you too are not exactly excited about the end of summer, you may be happy to hear Jetstar has released a whole host of cheap fares into sunny destinations: Hawaii, Thailand and Singapore. 

For those wanting to duck over to Honolulu, you can grab a flight for as little as $239 (flying out of Sydney). 

If Thailand is more your thang, grab a fare into Phuket for $209 (also flying out of Sydney).

And if you’re keen to check out Singapore, those tickets start at just $180 (flying from Melbourne). 

Not bad, right?! 

Image: Getty