This Is What Qantas' Direct London To Sydney Flight Is Like For Passengers

By Stephanie Nuzzo November 16, 2019

Would you try it?

If you've been keeping up with the latest news in travel, you'll be aware that Qantas has been kicking some major goals of late. 

The biggest yet, however, is undoubtedly the success of their research flight between London and Sydney. The test journey took 19 hours and 19 minutes, landing on November 15th in Sydney with fuel to spare. 

Following this initial flight, we're now hearing accounts from the people who experienced the ultra long-haul service first-hand. 

This is only the second time a commercial airline has completed this route non-stop. In 1989 a Qantas 747-400 flew it, but the aircraft was almost empty. 

Nick Boulos of the Daily Mail (who travelled on board the flight) reports that a physiologist was present to guide the passengers through a series of exercises and stretches, intended to combat the physical impact of such lengthy travel. 

Additionally, it's been reported that the flight (which departed from London on Thursday morning) ran on Sydney time from departure, in effort to assist with jet lag. 

CNN's Richard Quest, also on board the flight, shared that while passengers were keen to see the flight's end in the final two hours, the general consensus was that people felt suprisingly great throughout. Some put this down to the exercises. 

As shares, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has shared that the airline is planning to allow for more in-flight activity for long journeys: 

“We know that travellers want room to move on these direct flights, and the exercises we encouraged on the first research flight seemed to work really well,” he said.

“So, we’re definitely looking to incorporate on-board stretching zones and even some simple modifications like overhead handles to encourage low impact exercises.”

Qantas celebrates its 100th birthday today. The carrier intends to have direct flights between Australia's east coast and both London and New York running by 2023.  

Image: Qantas Instagram