You’ll probably never look at free hotel soap the same way again

By Cassie Steel May 16, 2017

So much waste

Stealing the freebies from super-swish hotel digs is pretty standard, right? 

And now there’s a legit good-for-you reason why you shouldn’t feel guilty about pocketing that 50ml bottle of one-use shampoo. 

Recent reports have revealed that with millions of half-used toiletries left behind by hotel guests each day, cleaners are throwing them away by the millions.

But according to the World Health Organisation, one of the leading causes of death among children under five – diarrhoea disease – could be prevented with adequate hygiene practices, including washing with soap. 

Lucky for the human race/our conscience Clean the World is currently collecting leftover soaps and toiletries from hotels, cleaning and sanitising them and then distributing them for free to people in need.On the genius and charitable idea, created Shawn Seipler told UK’s

On the genius and charitable idea, created Shawn Seipler told UK’s Telegraph Travel

“I asked them what happened to the soap when I was done with it. Of course they said, ‘well we throw it away’.”

So far, 300 big-name hotels are behind the initiative including the Intercontinental, Hilton and Disney properties, all committed to collecting and recycling the soaps. 

Lead image: Getty