Aussies conned out of seeing Ed Sheeran after buying fake tickets

By Ally Parker March 7, 2018
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Have you been scammed?

Thousands of Ed Sheeran fans have been warned against the dangers of scalping scams after fake tickets were sold to desperate fans. 

The scam is alleged to have occurred via ticket re-sale sites which have sold fake tickets to fans trying to attend the singer's Perth show.

Sydney’s largest venue, ANZ Stadium, today warned fans of the increasing risk of scalping:

“Remember Ticketek is the ONLY authorised ticketing agent for this event. To ensure you don’t end up with invalid tickets, DO NOT buy them through any unauthorised re-sellers,” they advised.

Consumer group CHOICE have also weighed in, calling on big ticketing companies to prevent these incidents:

"It is really difficult to spot a scam in the seconded ticketing market, you may be sold an original ticket but it could be sold to people multiple times and then in some cases you've got dozens of people turning up for the same seat," said spokesperson Erin Turner.

"What we really need to see, as well as awareness from consumers is action from ticketing companies to prevent these scams in the first place. It's not good enough in 2018 that it's very easy to scam consumers with a fake ticket or just on-sell the same ticket to multiple people."

"We need them to use the technology that's available to help people resell tickets when they need to, so these scams don't pop up as regularly as they do."

CHOICE have advised the best course of action for such scams here but the below are a good rule of thumb:

- Don't assume the first Google result is the official ticketing page.

- Most producers, promoters, artists and venues will put links to the authorised ticket outlet on their sites.

- If the tickets you want have sold out and you do decide to purchase from the resale market, be aware of the risks associated with that.

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