Could driverless trains be Melbourne's future public transport system?

By Andy Zito June 19, 2017

A radical plan to keep Melbourne 'on the move' could involve driverless trains...

In theory, Melburnians could ditch the plans to drive to airport, and even hotfoot it out to Doncaster or Monash without a second thought when these new transport options come in.

The Herald Sun has reported, as part of their 'Future Melbourne' series that congestion could drastically increase as our city and its suburbs continue to grow, and this new SkyLink RapidTransit proposal could be key in making our city keep its title of 'most liveable'.

Railways to the airport has always been contentious, and it's one of those things that makes you wonder 'why haven't they done this already?', but if our population cracks the 7.8 million mark by 2030, a solution needs to be thought of, and fast.

An artist's impression of how SkyLink might look. (Supplied)

With reports from Infrastructure Victoria suggesting a rail link to the Melbourne is needed within the next 15 years, the SkyLink proposal slashes the estimated travel time by nearly 2/3 and runs 24 hours a day.

The question of whether the airports and parking companies would stand to lose out was addressed with Peter O'Brien from the Airshuttle Australia consortium suggesting that within 10 years there'll be 60 million people visiting the airport a year, and that the SkyLink will cater for about 12 million, leaving about 12 million on buses and 36 million still driving in and paying a fortune for parking!

Would you pay $25 for a quick train to the airport?

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