David Spade’s tribute after the tragic loss of sister-in-law, Kate Spade

By Christina Cavaleri June 7, 2018

"I still cant believe it..."

Comedian, David Spade is still reeling from the apparent suicide of his fashion designer sister-in-law Kate Spade.

The Grown Ups star's brother Andy became a widower on Tuesday, when Kate was found dead at their New York City apartment. 

The 55-year-old co-founder of her namesake brand, Kate Spade New York, had reportedly been suffering from manic depression in recent years, but David had no idea how much she had been struggling with the mental illness.

He took to his social media accounts late on Tuesday to honour his relative, sharing a slightly blurry snap of the pair during an outdoor holiday photoshoot.

"Fuzzy picture but i love it.

"Kate and I during Christmas family photos. We had so much fun that day. She was so sharp and quick on her feet. She could make me laugh so hard.

"I still cant believe it. 

"Its a rough world out there people, try to hang on."

The sad tribute prompted an outpouring of messages from his followers, including skateboarding icon Tony Hawk and actress Jessica Alba, who both sent their condolences by commenting, "I'm so sorry David".

Spade also took to Twitter to post another picture of Kate supporting him at an event for the 2015 launch of his autobiography, Almost Interesting: The Memoir.

"Katy at my book signing. 

"I love this pic of her. So pretty. I don’t think everyone knew how f**king funny she was."

He concluded the caption by again urging fans to "try to hang on".

David wasn't the only famous relative mourning the designer's shocking passing - actress Rachel Brosnahan uploaded a poignant video of her aunt, the former Katherine Noel Brosnahan, in which she could be seen laughing and dancing with husband Andy to a mariachi band at a holiday gathering.

"Knowing Katy, this is how she would want to be remembered.

”She had a light that words can't capture but touched everyone she came into contact with.

"She was exceedingly kind, beautifully sensitive, insanely talented, funny as heck and one of the most generous people I have ever known. She was effervescent. Hug your loved ones extra tight today."

Their posts emerged hours after an official family statement was released to The New York Times.

"We are all devastated by today's tragedy," it read. "We loved Kate dearly and will miss her terribly."

Kate is also survived by her 13-year-old daughter Frances, from her 24-year marriage to Andy Spade. 

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