Instagram discovered Aldi's best kept secret, and it's not their wine

By Sangeeta Kocharekar June 30, 2017

Aldi's edibles – still winning in the discount store food game

It's no secret Aldi has some of the best products for some of the best prices in all of Australia. Big call? We're standing by it. 

Quality homewares? Tick. Trendy clothes? Tick. Seven dollar wine? Tick, tick, tick. Aldi does it all. And despite what you're thinking, we swear we weren't paid to write this story. 

Anywho. There was one product in particular that caught our eye recently. And that was their DIY chocolate churros. 

We spotted the food item on Instagram account @aldiloersau (follow now – you'll thank us later), and immediately began drooling. The regrammed post of a pile of churros positioned in front of the baking kit box and a bowl of delicious-looking chocolate was shared by Sydney mother @nasledova_lena.

Underneath the photo, she noted that after the churros baking, her house now "smells amazing!". 

This month, a CHOICE supermarket price survey found that consumers can save nearly $80 a shop by switching from leading brands to a basket of discount Aldi products, according to

Aldi for the wine. Win. We meant win.