The Internet cannot handle this dog's sledding tricks

By Christina Cavaleri January 6, 2018

You won’t believe what other tricks this dog can do!

Dogs are literally the best thing alive.

Everything they do is cute or hilarious, we mean how long can you honestly stay mad at a dog for chewing your favourite shoes or weeing on your new person carpet?

Well in Sioux City, Iowa, a dog owner caught her frisky pup having a blast during a snow day last week, as seen in a video of the dog sledding in a yard.

The Australian Shepherd named Secret is seen on the tape dragging a purple sled in her mouth up the hill all by herself. After finally reaching the top, the pooch hops on the sled and flies down the snowy slope with a smile on her face.

BA-LESSSSS!!!! Way too cute.

Really unsure why no-one gave us a dog for Christmas.

The dog’s owner Mary, 17, wrote on Instagram:


“We finally got enough snow to really sled yesterday and Secret couldn’t be more thrilled! It’s definitely one of her favourite activities, she probably went down this hill 50 times today!”

Clearly these two are best friends because look at all the other tricks Secret can do with Mary!

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Seriously, we cannot deal.