Kmart just released a new item and the Internet is losing its mind

By Christina Cavaleri October 12, 2017

Want. Need.

Kmart seem to be on a single-minded mission to make us lose our mind over everything they bring out, and we're okay with it.

The latest offering? An adorable Santa sleigh that perfectly fits a newborn.

Mother (and newborn photographer) Marisa Petrusinski posted the product on Facebook page ‘Kmart Mums Australia’ with matching Kmart reindeers and... well the results were pretty damn good.

And by that, we mean 7800 likes and over 500 comments.

Each item rings in at just $15 (but are reportedly hard to find).

The fake snow, tree and elf legs are also from Kmart.

"The sleigh & reindeer everyone is going nuts over," said Marisa in her post.

"When I saw them I just had to get them so I could do this photo shoot with my son."

Marisa also points out that the Kmart sleigh is not designed to put babies in and is actually sold as a Santa Sack, so users should be careful.

Lead Image: Getty