Marathon runner Callum Hawkins collapses in final kilometres of Commonwealth Games race

By Stephanie Nuzzo April 15, 2018
 Callum Hawkins Commonwealth Games Cameron Spencer/Getty Images .jpg

This is heartbreaking. 

In gut-wrenching news this afternoon, Scottish marathon runner, Callum Hawkins, has suffered a devastating loss during the men’s marathon race at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The Scottish athlete was slated to take home the gold medal for his performance in the race, but collapsed just two kilometres from the finish line, ABC News reports. 

Hawkins is said to have been two minutes ahead of his closest competitor, Australia’s Michael Shelley, but the challenge of completing such a gruelling race in 28-degree temperatures led to Hawkins’ collapse. 

The 25-year-old Scotsman was physically unable to lift himself up off the ground for a significant amount of time. 

Hawkins Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

He was taken to hospital where Team Scotland shares that he underwent standard tests. The latest update from the team stated that “Callum is sitting up and speaking with his dad and Team Scotland medical staff.” 

Audiences have slammed Commonwealth Games officials for the length of time it took for someone to get to Hawkins and criticised spectators for taking photos rather than assisting the clearly distressed man:

The ABC reports that GOLDOC CEO Mark Peters has given a statement about the response time of medics attending to Hawkins:

"We need to check the facts out…obviously the health of the athlete is absolute prime," he said.

"Sometimes medical people arrive and the athlete has to make a decision as to whether they want to go on or not. I understand that was part of a discussion at a point in time, because incredibly athletes in whatever state they are want to finish."

Michael Shelley went on to claim gold in the race and in a statement shared that he too struggled with the conditions of the day:

"I'm stuffed," Shelley said.

"The emotion and the crowd really got me home in the last couple of kilometres."

Images: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images