The $6 Aldi cheese that is 'better than D'Affinois'

By Hayley July 16, 2018
Image: Aldi

Aldi are rapidly selling out of a cheese that is so delicious, it’s been deemed better than posh cheese D’Affinois - which is three times the price.


Le Pave, described by the supermarket chain as a “gooey and decadent cheese, perfect with a crusty baguette”, retails for just $6 - and is lauded by cheese snobs around the country, who prefer it to the $18 D'Affinois alternative.

Image: Aldi

Kidspot writer Bek Day reported that multiple Aldi stores had sold out of the coveted product last week, saying the gooey, silky cheese is “like crack”. 

An Aldi spokesperson told Daily Mail said Le Pave has been on shelves since mid-2017 - and is imported weekly from France:

“Le Pave is produced within the Pays De Loire region of France, at one of the largest remaining dairy cooperatives in the country.

“To ensure its quality, the product is airfreighted to Australia on a weekly basis.”


Can’t find any at your local Aldi? The supermarket say that Le Pave is just one of their “award-winning cheese range”, saying that disappointed shoppers unable to buy a block quick enough can find other yummy alternatives in store.

“Customers who enjoy our Le Pave should also try our ‘La Brique’ cheese – a soft mild washed cheese that brings flavour from its own unique region. It combines perfectly on a platter with our Le Pave.”

Images: Aldi / Twitter