So, you actually should be taking your annual leave and here's why!

By Christina Cavaleri June 7, 2018

The amount of people who actually take leave is nowhere near as high as you would think.



Who has taken annual leave so far?

We bet not many of you have. 

Well, sheds light on a shocking nationwide trend that sees the equivalent of 2.4 million full time working Australians have gone without taking leave for more than a year, with 86 percent experiencing burnout as a result of not taking enough leave.

Yes, 86 percent of you are going to burn out so GO ON A HOLIDAY!

Cannot believe we have to tell you to go on a holiday. 

Aussies are encouraged to make Friday 15 June 2018 ‘Book A Holiday Day’, coinciding with mid-month pay week for many Australians, by dedicating time to researching and booking a holiday or short getaway to benefit their health and wellbeing.’s new research surveying 1000 working Aussies on their annual leave habits and motivations exposes Australia as a nation of workaholics, with only 31 percent of workers using all of their annual leave days each year. 

Encouragingly, those who have children are more likely to use their annual leave showing that the family dynamic is driving holidays as they take breaks for key periods. However, over half have said more leave days would give them greater flexibility to spend more time with their kids. 

The survey uncovered a strong need for Australian workers to take advantage of their leave and take a break for their health. With the majority of workers experiencing burnout as a result of not taking enough holidays, three in ten workers admit to leaving work early due to exhaustion, while an equivalent of almost 1 million workers admitting to falling asleep at work. 

Consequences of experiencing burnout from not taking enough annual leave

Loss of concentration - 51%

Worked more slowly than usual - 43%

Taking one or more sick days - 38%

Eating unhealthily (junk/sugary foods) - 36%

Consuming too much caffeine in order to stay focused - 33%

Andi Lew, wellness coach and ambassador of’s Book a Holiday campaign, experienced this burnout first hand last year when she had a minor health scare. Her doctor advised that he was very concerned about her cortisol levels due to stress and told her to take a holiday. 

“As a wellness coach I see so many people who are burnt out from their hectic schedules where they never take the time to switch off and this can lead to various health issues, both mental and physical. In fact, last year I was getting really run down at work, to the point where my doctor prescribed me a holiday and it was the best medical advice I have ever received. Ever since then I’ve made a conscious decision to regularly take a break and go on holidays to ensure my mind and body is well rested.” 

Luke Wilson, spokesperson for Australia said:

“There are countless benefits of travel to simply take time off to explore, be inspired or unplug, whether for two weeks or two days, switching off and taking care of your health and wellbeing is a number one priority. At, we’re committed to meeting everyone’s travel needs at any time or any place to be a one-stop travel destination for people to embrace meaningful and restorative travel time.” 

So put June 15 in the diary because that is the day you will be deciding where you are spending that much-deserved annual leave. 

Image credit: Getty Images/Xavier Hoenner