Why Karl Stefanovic will need to watch his back at the Logies

By Sangeeta Kocharekar April 21, 2017

Knowing this, would he even want to go?

We love a good roasting, and it looks like there’s set to be a hilarious one at the Logie Awards on Sunday night.

Ahead of the show, host Dave Hughes told news.com.au he has his eyes set out on Karl Stefanovic. As we all know, Karl split his wife Cassandra Thorburn last year after 21 years together and has since been dating shoe designer Jasmine Yarbrough.

Dave said:

“Just think of the headlines this year ... the relationship issues could get a mention. Karl is a great guy, he loves a laugh ... he might get a mention but he’ll take it in good spirits. He might get a mention.”

Um, yeah, sounds like he will get a mention.


In the last two years that Dave’s hosted the show, no joke has proved off-limits. He even once joked about 60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown, which kind of probably wasn’t really appropriate at all.


With Karl jetting to the States and Mexico to meet Jasmine’s family and Daily Mail publishing a steady stream of his ex-wife Cassandra running errands with their three kids, we’re thinking Dave would have plenty to work with on a joke. We cannot wait.