Four more boys rescued from Thai cave

By Stephanie Nuzzo July 9, 2018
Thailand cave Lauren DeCicca/Getty Images

Four more boys and their coach remain trapped inside.


More encouraging news has emerged out of the Thai cave overnight, with reports revealing that four additional boys have been rescued from inside the cave. 

This brings the total number of safe children to eight. 

Four young boys and their 25-year-old coach Ekkapol Chantawong remain inside the cave. 

As reports, former Chiang Rai governor Narongsak Osattanakorn told press on Monday that the plan is to rescue a maximum of four people at a time, meaning the coach may spend a night in the cave alone.

“The plan is designed for rescuing four," he said. 

“For safety, the best number is four.”

The eight boys who have emerged safely have been transported to hospital, it is said they are "safe and conscious"

While the rescue efforts have proven successful so far, increased rainfall has created concerns regarding the evacuation of the final five. As has shared, some are worried about the possibility of rising water levels within the cave. 

That being said, Osattanakorn has told media the rescue team expects a “100 per cent success” rate.



The first attempt at rescue for the group of schoolboys trapped within a Thai cave has been a great success with four of the 12 boys escaping with the help of expert divers.

The rescue mission took a little under eight hours and saw the first boy rescued from the cave at 5:40pm Sunday, local time, reports. 

It is believed that the four weakest children were rescued first. 

The boys were evacuated to a hospital in Thailand's Chiang Rai province.

“Today was the best situation in terms of kids’ health, water and our rescue readiness,” Chiang Rai governor Narongsak Osattanakorn told media in a press conference shortly after the boys' rescue. 

“Four have been rescued. We consider that a great success.”

“Our job is not completely done. We will have to do the next mission as successfully as the one we did today. The rest of the kids are in the same spot.

“Air tanks and systems have to be put in place again.”

Thailand cave Lauren DeCicca/Getty Images

According to recent reports, rescue teams will wait up to 20 hours before beginning a second rescue attempt. 

There are nine people in the caves still – eight boys and their 25-year-old coach. 

The group has been trapped inside the cave since June 23rd. 

Image: Linh Pham/Getty Images