A Wimbledon heckler gets pulled onto the court

By Christina Cavaleri July 16, 2017

Now that's entertainment!

It wasn’t your normal tennis match yesterday with former world No.1 Kim Clijsters.

When Clijsters asked her doubles partner, Rennae Stubbs, where she should serve during their match against Conchita Martinez and Andrea Jaeger - one gentleman wanted to give his opinion.

Crowd member, Chris Quinn yelled out:


To everyone’s shock Clijsters answered back saying that he should try and do that.

The Irishman got onto the court and had the opportunity to face the Belgian.

The best part was his clothing. 

Wimbledon have rules for players to wear all white, however Quinn was decked out in a bright green t-shirt with blue shorts. 

Clijsters put the whole crowd in a laughing fit when she pulled out a t-shirt and a tiny skort for Quinn to wear. 


Somehow, he managed to get the clothes on - lucky for that stretch. 


The commentator is narrating the whole video:

“This isn’t going to work. 

“They’re not going to get over the knees.

“Oh, my goodness!, I really hope we don’t get a camera shot from behind.

“That’s a man, in a skirt, trying to return Kim Clijsters serve — it’s 2017 people.

“They’ve completely forgotten there is a tennis match going here.”

Clijsters and Stubbs then went on to beat Jaeger and Martinez 6-2, 7-5.

He was feeling pretty chuffed with himself.

Careful what you heckle. 

Image credit: 7 Tennis