Things to get you through that post-NYE nausea-fest

By Krisinda Merhi December 18, 2018

We got you covered 


Oops, sorry, too loud?

*whispers* happy new year everyone

It might be a new year and a new day but if you had a big one last night you’re still stuck in the past. 

There's nothing like a sore head and waking up next to someone you to recognise let alone remember to ruin your #NewYearNewMe positive vibes. 

But we’ve taken one for the team and rallied, making a list of all the things you’ll need to get you through the first day of 2019.

1. Fresh clean sheets

In the spirit of getting organised before life gets messy, we have a tip that will change your life: wash. your. sheets. 

Hopefully you already do this BUT making a conscious effort to wash your sheets the day before New Years Eve (as in December 30) is a game changer. 

Your tired dead-to-the-world drunk self (and anyone you might drag home with you) will be thanking you very much. 

Nothing like collapsing into fresh linen to help you get a good nights sleep. 

If only we could promise it would also help with your headache. 

2. Curtains 

Bright lights will do no favours for that piercing headache. 

Become a hermit for a day. 

Or go back to being a hermit after your only night out for the year.

3. A quiet space 

Refer to above. 

4. Air con/a floor fan 

Australia is hot and stinky and humid and just generally gross in summer and you don’t need to feel worse about yourself. 

So find your cool dark quiet space and don’t move all day. 

Thank us later. 

4. Money in your account for Uber Eats 

We don’t have the #bothered level to cook food for ourselves on a good day, so if you think we’ll be cooking when severely hungover you’ve got another thing coming. 

Remember to put a few extra bucks aside to make sure you stay fed after New Years. 

A starving stomach won’t help you OR your hangover.

5. Carb-based foods 

Just because you have money for food doesn’t mean you should spend it recklessly. 

Your heart might be yearning for those greasy Maccas fries but listen to your head which is almost definitely telling you “NO.”

Well, it’s probably pounding and too wrecked to form a full sentence but trust us on this one, sticking to carbs is the best thing for you.

Anything else and things will get pretty bad pretty quickly. 

6. Eucalyptus oil 

A weird one but a goodie. 

The smell of the eucalyptus will help you with any nausea. 

Another option (which requires less $$$) is a fresh lemon: just scratch and sniff the skin and you got yourself a homemade vom-stopper. 

7. Listorine 

Because alcohol-induced bad breath which lasts all day no matter what else you eat or drink is not any fun. 

8. Gatorade 

Stay hydrated, friends! 

Water works too. 

Get organised and make that trip down to the shops to stock up on supplies before the armageddon. 

If you’re reading this and New Years has come and gone, then we are so very sorry. 

We’ll see you on the other side. 

Which really means see you on Australia Day…

Images: Getty, Giphy / Giphy