We Could Soon Pay For Transport Using Facial Recognition

By Krisinda Merhi July 15, 2019

Black Mirror IRL. 

Gone are the days of the humble bus ticket. Gone are the days when we would go up to the window at the train station and ask for a single fare. 

Thanks to travel cards like Opal, Go Card, Myki and more, we no longer have to make sure we have enough spare change to afford a transport ticket. But it seems even Opal is going to get phased out, because there are plans to make facial recognition on public transport a thing. 

Yep, you could pay for journeys using just your face. 

New South Wales Minister for Transport and Roads, Andrew Constance said, "I am confident we will... see frictionless transport payments in the not too distant future.”

"In the transport space we'll use facial recognition technology to scan customers who've 'opted in' and linked their Opal account. No more gate barriers — just a smooth journey.”

It sounds appealing and all, but it’s also kinda freaky. 

In order for technology to recognise the status of our Opal card, it would have to know our personal details: our name, age, bank account funds, and study status (are we a student or do we have to pay full fare like the other adults?). 

That’s some next level Black Mirror stuff and we are not okay. 

It always starts with something small and innocent enough, like facial recognition, and before anyone knows it, robots have taken over the world. 

zone out black mirror GIF by NETFLIX

We’re happy lining up for the station gates if it means we get to control our own lives, thank you very much. 

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