Beauty Experiments the Crazy Tan way (part two)!

Sticky ‘wax’ strips:  Not really excited at the thought of dripping hot wax on myself (I’m kinky, but even I have limits) I was rapt to find a product that allegedly did the same as waxing, but with sticky strips that would pull the hair out.    I’ve been having my legs waxed for years so I’m a big fan of the fact that the hair takes a while to grow back – this is a product for me, I said to myself as I chucked it in my basket at the supermarket.  (Plus, it was on sale so it made Tan the Tight Ass happy too).

That night I followed the instructions carefully, but figured that with no potential for chemical or other burns I should be okay.    Clean and dry the area (my legs), rub the strips between your palms to warm up the wax, apply one sticky side to the skin, hold tight and rip back quickly in the opposite direction.   Stick – rip – first piece done.   Not bad.   Stick – rip – second piece done.    I followed this ritual over and over until my bathroom floor was covered in used sticky strips.  It reminded me of those old people who would use fly paper in an attempt to catch bugs (in the days before insect spray was invented and flies waxed their legs).   

I rubbed my hands along my legs to (hopefully) see how silky smooth they were.   Unfortunately I couldn’t rub them very far at all as they were covered in a sticky goo that resembled candied honey. And what’s this?    Patches of fine hair sticking out through all the mess!   

Grabbing a towel, I tried to rub the goo off, but ended up with bits of brown fluff stuck all over my legs.   I got into the shower and scrubbed my legs with a loofa …. Nope, not one little bit of sticky stuff was coming off.    I tried different creams in my cupboard – and ended up rubbing tea tree oil all over my legs to finally get rid of the goo.  Sure I smell like a koala’s lunch box but the honey stickiness was gone.

Underneath all the crap, I discovered that there were in fact lovely smooth patches of skin on my legs.   Brilliant!    Unfortunately there were also quite a few patches with hairs sticking out – oh, and nice red prickly bits as well.  I’m still finding globs of the glue on my floor too …. As is my poor cat.   Oops.     

Tweezing Central:   It doesn’t really matter that I did a huge botch job on my underarms, bikini and legs because I can cover them up for a few days til the rash / scars go away.   My eyebrows, however are smack bang in the middle of my face, primed for everyone to see.   I put down my tweezers after pulling just one stray hair out (God that hurts!) and call Johanna at Glamour Queen to make an appointment. 

Really, what price can you put on looking good … and not pouring hot wax on yourself?