Elvis hologram tour in the works?

There's already a touring concert of Elvis' orginal band members and a giant screen projection The King, so naturally a holgraphic image of Elvis is the next step.

Daughter Lisa Marie says since the TuPac hologram at this years Coachella festival, the questions she's been constantly asked is when will be see a holographic image of her father doing the rounds?

"I didn’t know about the hologram-thing until I started getting asked about it," Lisa Marie Presley said  "But I saw it a few nights ago and I was like, ‘Whoa!’ That technology is pretty advanced."

Lisa Marie went on to say "If they can come up with something tasteful, creative and classy, I wouldn’t object. That’s as close as people can get now. I don’t mind simulating as long as it’s not awful or degrading."

Of course, thousands of people around the world would love to see The King in his heyday but the final decision to go ahead with a holographic concert would rest with more than just Elvis' direct family.

The technology that was on show at Coachella earlier this year has opened up the discussion for all manner of deceased artists ot be in concert again.