George Michael in Vogue

The former Wham member and the international supermodel are neighbours and colleagues already and now, Kate Moss and George Michael have appearing on a magazine cover together.

The cover was shot by Mario Testino and shows the glamorous couple, arm in arm, striding towards the camera as if down a red carpet. Moss, in a floor length, long sleeved, red gown; Michael in a suit, tie and impeccably plucked eyebrows.

The pair, though fashionable and stunning, seem to have developed a strange relationship with each other. Michael recently told a UK radio station he sees Moss – almost 10n years his junior - as a mother figure. "Every boy who has lost their mum thinks his mum was the most beautiful woman in the world", Michael said "Why not ask someone who is considered the most beautiful woman in the world in many ways to be that figure?"

That’s a little weird. But the blossoming friendship between the two seems genuine.