Kath & Kim box office hit

By Admin September 11, 2012

The foxy ladies from Fountain Lakes proved this week that they have more strength than Sly Stallone and his band of weapon brandishing muscle men.

Kath and Kimderella took first spot at the box office for their opening weekend, raking in $2.1 million. Quotes directly from the stars themselves:

''I told you I looked great on the big screen mum!'' said Kim.

''Well, I agree with the BIG part of that Kim,'' replied Kath.

The mother/daughter duo didn’t quite surpass the other Australian favourite – The Sapphires – which took in $2.34 million on it’s opening weekend – but it’s all good news for the Australian film industry. 

Watch the Kath and Kimderella trialer below. In theatres now.