Katie Holmes visits her lawyers as it is claimed the divorce will not go to court

Yesterday we spotted newly single Katie Holmes as she made her way to her lawyers. The visit came as new reports emerged suggesting the estranged couple will be finalising a full divorce settlement behind closed doors.

This would mean that neither of them would have to appear in court, which although we wouldn’t mind seeing it, is probably a lot better for the both of them.

According to reports the legal teams for each of them (who Katie has been seen visiting regularly) are trying to work out agreements on properties, child support, visitation and the issue of whether Katie will have the sole custody of Suri, which is what she has requested.

Katie was originally expected to appear at a family court on July 17th but now it’s believed that they may not end up going to court at all.

Although it’s been reported that negotiations so far have been ‘calm’ there’s still a hell of a lot to sort out, starting with working out just how much Tom is worth.

What Katie is really worried about however is losing custody of Suri. She has seen what happened with Nicole Kidman who was apparently pushed out of her children’s lives and they were turned against her, and does not want the same happening to her.

A source revealed: “It really shocked Katie when she learned how hard Nicole had tried to keep her kids,

“She couldn’t help thinking that the same could end up happening to her if she wasn’t very careful.”

She is being pretty careful though, it’s thought she’s hired law firm Aronson, Maysfsky and Sloan who won one of the bitterest Hollywood divorces between Christie Brinkley and Pete Cook.  

Source: Mr Paparazzi