Robbie's dad concerns

Pop sensation Robbie Williams, has let it be known recently that while he is looking forward to the birth of his first child in the coming weeks, he is at the same time, incredibly nervous about the responsibilities of parenthood – something he has yet to experience.

Williams said about his soon to be born daughter. 'She's in my image, a mini-Robbie. I'm excited but in truth I'm s**tting myself.'

This will be the first child for Williams and his wife Ayda Field and the Angels singer has admitted to experiencing strange food cravings during Field’s pregnancy, just as an expectant mother would.  I'm really craving Minstrels and prawn cocktail crisps.' He said.

Earlier in the week, Williams won a GQ Man of the Year award for ‘Icon’ and spoke about his upcoming album “Take The Crown.”  “I'm re-energised” he said. “I want to take over the charts and get my crown back.'

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