Robert Pattinson has already resorted to wearing a toupee at 26

It’s enough to make anyone want to pull their hair out.

And poor old Robert Pattinson has had to wear a wig to re-shoot scenes for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

But apparently the 26-year-old actor only had to film wearing a hair piece because he'd cut his hair since the original shoot wrapped last year, and he didn't have the right style to reprise his role as Edward Cullen.

It doesn’t look like R-Pattz will be making it a regular thing on the red carpet though, he was less than impressed with the demand by bosses.

Speaking at Comic-Con in San Diego, he revealed: "We had to do the re-shoots a few weeks ago, and it was the first time I had to wear a wig. I couldn't believe my last two days on Twilight they put this orange wig on my hair."

After branding the wig "Frankenstein's monster", he also revealed the toupee was "an amalgamation of six [different] wigs" combined into one.

When asked what advice he would give his younger self if he could go back in time, he joked, "Don't succumb to peer pressure and start wearing a wig like everybody else in this cast."

We feel for you mate.

Source: Mr Paparazzi