Spandau Ballet in London?

Spandau Ballet member Gary Kemp has spoken about possibly joining the Closing Ceremony, saying that they'd definitely perform if asked. And aptly, they would love to perform their hit "Gold" which has been used for many promos of The Games throughout the past week.

Kemp told the Daily Mail "We would love to take part. If they asked we would jump at it. I am so proud of the team." 

Anothe Spandau Ballet member Tony Hadley has given his opinion on the Opening Ceremony recently saying that he thought it would have been better had One Direction closed the spectacle, not Paul McCartney recently said that One Direction should have closed the opening ceremony instead of Sir Paul McCartney.

One Direction, The Who, Take That, Queen and a newly-reunited Spice Girls are also rumoured to be performing at the Closing Ceremony.