Special Springsteen duet

Ten-year-old Halle Tator stole the spotlight for a moment when she sang on stage with Bruce Springsteen at his recent show in Toronto. The 5th grader has such a lovely voice, she left a lot of putters wondering if the stunt had been staged.

But Halle’s father, Sender, was adamant that the duet was spontaneous. "It was not staged, I can promise you that,” he said.

In order to get The Boss’ attention, dad put Halle on his shoulders with a sign that read: "It’s my first show. I’m waiting on a sunny day”  - the title of the song Halle got to sing. And the sign worked better than expected.

In an interview with CBC News, the elated 10- year-old describes the moment that she’d be practising for before the show "He grabbed my hand and he picked me up, I just felt so happy I didn’t really have time to be nervous."

Halle has says she feel “really happy” about having had the opportunity to sing with Springsteen and her dad, who has been to 17 Springsteen concerts has said that while Springsteen usually pulls a woman out of the crow to sing Waitin’ on a Sunny Day, he gushed "When it's your own child, it's too hard to believe.”

Watch the videos of Halle on stage below.