Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes lived in separate bedrooms prior to their split

The pair – who are set to battle it out in court over custody of Suri – are rarely seen together anymore and now a source close to the two has revealed that they even lived in separate rooms to each other on opposite ends of their giant house.

Bizarrely Tom’s room was on one side of a large communal area while Katie – who’s Catholic and was always uncomfortable with Tom’s obsession with Scientology – was made to live in the Scientology Celebrity Centre, which sounds a tad like a hotel for famous people who belong to the cult, sorry we mean religion.

An inside source has blabbed:

“It was really weird in all respects. There were men in suits on all the doors of the complex and they would often escort you up to the apartment in an elevator keeping an eye on you. It was quite unnerving.

“Tom and Katie had a lot of people coming to see them there, to cut their hair and cook for them and stuff.

“Everyone knew they stayed in ­separate sections of the apartment but nobody mentioned it.

“Katie was really embarrassed about it, and didn’t seem to like people to see the way they were living behind closed doors. But she just got on with it and knew there was ­nothing she could do about it.”

The couple were photographed hand-in-hand just weeks prior to the announced divorce which reaffirms claims that Cruise had no idea Holmes was going to initiate proceedings.

The former Dawson’s Creek star now wants primary custody of their daughter and is seeking an adequate amount of child support from the actor – which will probably reach into the millions.

Source: Mr Paparazzi