Is it better to skip breakfast or eat a doughnut?

By Marni Dixit July 12, 2018

You're in a rush and don't have time to make breakfast, but that tasty doughnut is just sitting there ready to go, so do you eat the doughnut or skip breakfast to save on those naughty calories?

When we skip a meal we're way more likely to eat badly for the rest of the day when we get tempted by delicious treats, but are we better off skipping it and saving on those calories?

The answer is... definitely not!

After fasting all night, your body needs fuel in the morning to kick start your metabolism, without that fuel our bodies simply won't function properly.

Lindsay Joe, a Greatist health and fitness expert, says, “It’s better to eat something than nothing in the morning," also adding, “Our bodies are similar to cars—if we don’t have any gas in the tank, performing even the simplest of tasks becomes exhausting and stressful on the body.“

Studies have also found that eating a consistent breakfast is associated with lower risk of obesity and hypertension.

Nutritionist, Maya Bach, said, “While a doughnut isn’t the ideal fuel for your body, it will at least jump-start your metabolism, helping your body and brain get moving,“ Bach says. “If you eat nothing, chances are you will feel tired, sluggish, and have low energy throughout your morning.”

Obviously, you shouldn't be doing this every day as it's still extra calories and fat, but if you have no healthy option make sure to still eat something if you're hungry!