17 hilarious things mums yelled during labour

By Marni Dixit July 12, 2018

Picture the scene... You're hot, sweating, probably in a huge amount of pain which is somewhat eased by some form of painkiller, and you're about to push a little human out of an even littler hole.

The likelihood is you're going to say a variety of things. In fact, you're probably going to shout them.

And the things you shout aren't going to be very nice or kind or pretty.

But they're sure entertaining to read months/years down the track!

Take a look at 17 things women have yelled during pregnancy...

1. "To my doctor, when delivering my son: 'If you can see his head, why don't you just rip him out?'"

2. "My partner kept reminding me to breathe. I turned to him and said, "I f****ng know!'"

3. "I literally closed my legs and told my husband and doctor, 'I'll come back tomorrow.'"

4. "I just screamed, 'Epidural. Now!'"

5. "Apparently, I was swearing at all the nurses. This was my first baby and I was very young, in my defence."

6. "When I got to the hospital, I was already in transition. My contractions were two minutes apart, and I was really hurting. The nurse started asking me questions like what kind of birth control I plan to be using. I looked and her and shouted, 'no more babies!'"

7. "When my son was finally out and they were handing him to me, I just kept asking, "he's mine?!'"

8. "Don't get me wrong, I love my son. But he's my fourth baby boy. When he was born, apparently I yelled, 'It's not a girl?! Put it back in and let's try again!'"

9. "I didn't scream. I didn't yell. I just muttered the F word under my breath. Over. And over. And over. Yes, my poor kid came into this world riding on a salty sea of F bombs."

10. "'I want to die.'"

11. "I announced, 'OK, I can't do this, so you guys are going to have to figure something else out.'"

12. "To the doctor, "while you're down there, go ahead and tie those tubes, thankyouverymuch.'"

13. "My poor husband had to witness this one. I just kept screaming, 'Why me?! Why, oh God, why me?!'"

14. "During an induced labour with my daughter, I was finally able to get my epidural. I was in a fog and distinctly remember yelling at my dad to 'Stop pressing all those damn buttons!' Poor Dad was on the completely opposite side of the room."

15. "I have no memory of this, but I apparently told my partner that we'd never, ever have sex again!"

16. "With my second child, I announced that I was going to Mexico. I guess I thought leaving the country would somehow get me out of labour."

17. "I just screamed, 'NO!'"

No, God no, gif