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10 reasons to Zumba

By Marni Dixit October 14, 2013

Zumba, Zumba, Zumba - the fitness world has been buzzing about Zumba.

It's the hot Latino dance class that promises to burn fat, tone legs, bums and tums, and put some rhythm back in your hips, all with a big smile on your face!

Not tried it yet? Grab a couple of girlfriends and book yourselves a class now - you won't regret it!

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should try Zumba.

1. Exercise. Top of the list, Zumba is a fantastic way to get your exercise in. It works a variety of muscles and builds up a great sweat, burning calories and improving cardiovascular fitness.

2. Fun. You will smile and laugh your way through a Zumba class!

3. Happy hormones. Zumba increases levels of happy hormones, so you will be buzzing for hours after class.

4. Sexy. Nothing makes you feel sexier than wiggling your hips to some hot Latino music for an hour.

5. Music. And speaking of music, the Zumba soundtrack is invigorating and upbeat.

6. Social. With a group of friends, Zumba is a fantastic way to socialise, have a laugh and meet fun, like-minded people.

7. Feel the burn. Your body knows you've had a good workout the morning after Zumba.

8. Rhythm. Zumba teaches you great rhythm, so you might end up with a few more moves on the dancefloor.

9. Abs. All that salsa-ing and hip shaking will give you tight, toned abs in no time.

10. Skin. Getting your heart beating faster as you smile your way through Zumba will give your skin a gorgeous glow. Everyone will be asking 'Have you had a facial?'

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