Mariah Carey, Sydney - 10 November

By Marni Dixit November 11, 2014

Oh Mariah Carey. The New York bred diva had fans in a state of wild anticipation before she appeared on stage. A black and white slide show of a past USA set the scene for the evening, boldly emphasising Carey’s roots of hip-hop, dance and New York City street attitude. The fitting clip paved the way for Carey’s entry on stage, dressed sleekly in a glamorous black sequin dress. When the songstress leapt into opener “Fantasy” the full room was sent into rapturous applause.

Unlike other ritzy performers Carey has effortlessly combined her voice, stage presence and charm to create an image that glows and attracts such a vast range of fans present at her swanky Elusive Chanteuse Sydney show. In “Touch My Body” and “Emotions” Carey shone. She reached and grasped those inevitable sky-scraping notes settling pending questions regarding the quality of the singer’s voice. The audience expressed their satisfaction in cries of glee that raised the roof.


From the likes of Harlem, Brooklyn and Florida Carey’s band were flawless and sassy, proving the singer settles for nothing less than she needs. Why would she? Sophistication and glam thrive on nothing less. The band was directed by pianist James “Big Jim” Wright, a proven beast on the keys.

“Cry” completely captured the audience. Following a due outfit change, from fishtail black to fishtail hot pink the singer was carried out and onto the grand piano where she sat casually. People swooned from Carey’s passion and the shirtless gentleman who danced serenely in solitude. In fact throughout the show the entire crew of backing dancers were crisp, portraying a real casual New York City street vibe that contrasted spectacularly with the sophisticated charm of Carey.

More than once Carey emphasised her praise of Sydney and sincere appreciation of being in the city. This was met with equally rapturous appreciation from the crowd. Bursting with further fervour a medley of loved hits poured from the stage. Between rap studded “I Know What You Want” and “It’s Like That” to songs like “Beautiful” and “Don’t Forget About Us”, all sense of time was lost, each person swept away into the reminiscent string of Carey’s past that pulsed vibrantly from stage. Boldly displayed through the medley was past footage of Carey in music clips reminding her fans where she came from, and that she still holds her musical allure and skill with powerful and sultry ease.

And then came “Hero”, the most anticipated, most popular, and definite highlight of the Elusive Chanteuse evening. “Hero” was performed against a background montage of unforgettable faces such as Gandhi, Mandela and Princess Diana amongst everyday heroes of the world. In speechless fixation on the star the crowd’s emotions soared with Carey’s voice.

The stage was finally drowned in golden light, and smoke shot up into the air with a bold finality, hinting to the audience that “We Belong Together” was the closing time song. Carey’s Sydney performance was so rich and entertaining that each fan departed satisfied, and walked away bearing smiles as grand as the diva’s herself and thoughts about when she would return to Sydney again.