Byron Webb hosts smoothfm's More Music Drive show every weekday from 4pm to 8pm

What a great time of year! The beach, the pool...swimming in general is by far my favourite pasttime in summer. There's nothing like a fun outdoor weekend in the sun to get the vitamin D pumping through your veins.

They say you're either a summer or winter person, I love both to be honest. They each hold their own appeal and we're so lucky being on the south east of Australia because we get a real taste of all the seasons and, thankfully, none too extreme. Just when you've had enough of winter, we move into spring and visa-versa.

Stats. Married to the beautiful Belinda. Two children: Sarah (3.5 years) and Hilary (1).

My guilty pleasures (besides being a dad, which I LOVE - the girls eat up most of my time to be honest, but I wouldn't have it any other way)

Renovating. I really like getting my hands dirty doing the non-structural stuff around the house. Over the past 10 or so years, we've slowly done up our old 1880s terrace to a point where we adore living in it and know every nook and cranny intimately. Having two young children has slowed our progress though, but we still try and fit it in where possible.

I love cars but have no mechanical prowess whatsoever! I've owned about 30 cars in my lifetime, the best being a 1964 EH Holden that we nicknamed Bessie and had for around 12 years. Our afternoon announcer, Simon Diaz, has an EJ Holden from the same era, so we're kindred spirit in the car sense.

I also had a motorbike for several years, but kids came along so safety and reliability have made way for much more sensible modes of transport these days.

Music. I love all kinds of music and honestly love the joy of putting smoothfm on and knowing I'll hear a favourite song. I also have a big collection of albums on Rdio these days too and am always flicking through them.

We play such a great variety on smoothfm and cover so many eras. There are so many songs we play that excite me beyond words every time I hear or play them. I love Bruno Mars, Adele and the soulful tones of James Morrison, but it's the classics like Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, Etta James and Ray Charles that hit me right there.

Animals: We'd love a menagerie but our backyard has limited space. We have three cats in our lives and we do our best to make sure they are included with the little humans and get their fair share of love and affection.