Simon Diaz eases you through your afternoons during the week and into Sunday evenings

My guilty pleasure

Sitting under my carport in all its classic glory is my guilty pleasure - a 1963 EJ Holden wagon. You know the ones: plenty of chrome, bench vinyl seats and original rear blinds.

My aunty had one when I was a kid and I always knew I was going to get one, with that old car smell of petrol and vinyl.

The thing I like about the EJ is that while it has the makings of an EH (by far the most popular Holden ever) it still retains a bit of 1950s styling. To me, a classic car has far more character and styling than any modern car on the road today. These things weren't designed by computers, nor were they worried about petrol costs. Sure today's cars are far more reliable and safe but they seem to lack any romance. And believe me, when driving the old girl I feel so relaxed, like the fast-paced modern world we live in has slowed down (may have something to do with the Hydromatic).

My wife would love me to sell the EJ as we could then fit all our cars under the carport but something tells me we should always try and preserve our past, and the EJ now needs a little attention with a re–spray.

And what a 50 years my old girl has seen, from the moon landings to the new millennium and of course some of the best music ever recorded from The Beatles, Louis Armstrong, The Bee Gees and The Carpenters to Adele, Coldplay and Michael Buble. When I think of it, that's probably why I love working at smoothfm.

With over 20 years' radio experience, Simon was so passionate about a career in radio that he worked in a nursing home and as a nightclub DJ so he could volunteer on various community radio stations.

His first big break came in 1993 at 3SH in Victoria where he did everything from writing and voicing commercials to putting out the rubbish. In 1994 Simon moved to 3GG in Gippsland to take up the role of production manager and fell into a breakfast shift until 1999.

That same year he was offered a gig in late nights and as a cruiser drive for the night show on TTFM and was heard on air in various day parts for the next 13 years.

In 2007 Simon joined Channel Nine as an announcer on Bert’s Family Feud and in 2008 on Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune.

Simon is married to Julie and has two young boys, Tyler who is 10 and Joshua who is 7.

Any hobbies?< I started getting into fitness later in wife calls it my mid-life crisis. In my 40s I really enjoy running and did my first half Ironman earlier this year. It’s inspired my kids to do their first kids triathlon, which has to be a good thing.

Animals? We have two dogs, one that loves to round up the kids (being a Border Collie) and a fluffy Maltese Shitzu.

What are your favourite movies? Well It’s been all kids' movies for the past 10 years but I love anything James Bond and I am partial to a bit of Love Actually (brilliant movie).

The perfect weekend Is a cooked breakfast with the family by the beach - there's nothing better.