Weekends on smoothfm

The fantastic Mel Doyle hosts your weekend mornings from 6am to 10am.

What songs do you most look forward to playing? "Well I love a bit of variety in my music. I'm a bit of an eclectic music lover. There's nothing like a bit of 70s disco or some classic 80s hits. But when it comes to driving home after a long day, I do love to put smoothfm just to chill and wind down. And when it's a mad-house at the weekend, with kids off to sports and so much going on, that's when I need something really relaxing!"

What do you do to relax? "Spend time with the family. We love spending time together, just the four of us. Chill out on the back deck, go for a swim, put a barbecue on, ignore the phone, shut the front door... Just good quality quiet time as a family. I love that."

Tell us a bit about your family. "Well I have two children, Nick, who's 12, and Talia, who's 9. My husband's name is John."

Hear Richard Wilkins on smoothfm every Saturday and Sunday from 10am.

New Zealand born Richard made the move to Australia in 1980 with his band Wilde and Reckless. After playing every dive in the country, performing on ‘Countdown' and touring with Grace Jones, he had a brief stint in radio and on Satellite TV. Following this, Richard landed his big break as the host of MTV Australia, helming the ground-breaking show through its six-year run.

Appearing daily on The Today Show, Richard is the Nine Network’s Entertainment Editor, interviewing the biggest stars in film and music including; Billy Connolly, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey, Robbie Williams, Britney Spears, Barbra Streisand, Paul McCartney, Barry Humphries, Neil Diamond, Elton John and Billy Joel.

Listen to David Campbell every Saturday and Sunday from 1pm.

David Campbell is one of Australia’s most popular entertainers. A multi-platinum selling recording artist, Campbell is an accomplished TV, theatre and cabaret performer, has recorded three Top Ten albums and sold out concert tours from coast to coast. He has a unique legacy as not just one of Australia’s leading musical theatre stars, but also one of the few local performers to have achieved similar success in New York.

David currently hosts Nine Network’s show Mornings with Sonia Kruger.