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150 kilos of chocolate and a jaw dropping creation

By Kathrine Holland June 6, 2017
Dean Gibson

One of the pioneers of the Australian pastry scene Dean Gibson is no stranger to the smooth Festival of Chocolate in The Rocks, however his jaw-dropping chocolate sculpture is his biggest and most ambitious yet.

Having started construction of “Bone Shaker” in January this year, his latest creation boasts its own engineering team and a host of support from TAFE NSW and Callebaut chocolate who are providing a whopping 150 kilos of chocolate to bring Dean’s dream to fruition.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience Dean Gibson’s creativity you must at this year’s Baci Chocolatiers’ Quarters at the festival, Sat 12 & Sun 13 August, The Rocks.


Without a doubt, Dean is one of the most talented, creative yet humble Pastry Chefs Australia has produced and were lucky enough to grab 5 minutes with him to get inside the minds behind“Bone Shaker”


On inspiration:

The concept for Bone Shaker started last year when I was learning about CAD, 3D solid works and 3D printing and met Jon Pryer who was my teacher. Jon has a strong background in industrial design and a passion for both the arts and automata which is a moving mechanical sculpture. We started to collaborate on this idea of creating a moving chocolate sculpture that would be driven by hand and would use other technologies to build the components such as routing, 3D printing and using some wood working machinery rather than some of the traditional methods of constructing chocolate sculptures like I did for Pumpkin Scare Crow Head for the festival in 2016.


Kraken Five Spice CreativePic courtesy Five Spice Creative


On the name:

The term bone shaker is in reference to the steam punk themed mechanical rhino that we are going to build over the two days of smooth festival of Chocolate in The Rocks which will be over a metre high and could be as big as 150kg of Callebaut Belgian Chocolate.


On the process:

The time line for Bone Shaker has already started and the first step has been a lot of work in the design. Jon has built a proto type, full scale drawings and now working on refining those drawings into CAD to start the cutting of the working and structural parts of the sculpture. I have cast massive blocks of chocolate. The first stage of the project is to build the skeleton of the rhino before I start on the artistic phase of building the armour, pipes, gauges and all the steam punk elements.


It is a massive task to complete this project of being the world’s first automotive chocolate sculpture


On the collaboration:

When you have a collaboration between an industrial designer and a chocolatier you can expect some bone shaking new chocolate making techniques. We have the support of TAFE NSW, Callebaut Belgian Chocolate as major sponsors for this project.


On the risk:

No other materials are being used, it will be 100% Callebaut chocolate, no supports or inclusions which makes this concept so risky and certainly why it will be a world first!


Where you can follow the progress:

Instagram @deangibsonchocolate and @smoothchocfest


All images and video content supplied by Five Spice Creative www.vspice.com.au Instagram @fivespicecre8ive


See Dean and Bone Shaker as it comes to life at:


The smooth Festival of Chocolate in The Rocks

The Baci Chocolatiers’ Quarters

Located at: The Cargo Hall, Overseas Passenger Terminal


Sat 12 & Sun 13 August

10am – 6pm daily