Nick Kyrgios takes a serve at Donald Trump with a T-shirt

By Andy Zito January 10, 2017

The tennis bad boy has made headlines after his t-shirt got political in a post-match interview

Handily disposing of Spanish star Rafael Nadal in a Fast-4 tennis match, the young Aussie was called to take care of his media obligations after strapping his troublesome ankle, and grabbed the controversial tee before heading to the media scrum.

There may not have been any video cameras present, but there certainly was enough interest in his political statement to get him snapped and make sure his picture is seen everywhere.

Here's the picture that was shared on The Age's website this morning:

Image | Fairfax

And before you squint too hard to make it out, yes it says 'F*CK DONALD TRUMP', only we put that asterisk there, so you'll have to figure out what that first word is yourself.

Trump's image, with devil horns and other features drawn over the top is featured heavile, so there's really no mistaking what the intention of the t-shirt is, and when pressed, Kyrgios confirmed it for us, saying, 'it's pretty explanatory'.

Yep. It really is.

Interestingly, once his interview was over, he made his way out to the courts to watch teammate Bernard Tomic play, but not before changing back into his Nike sponsored shirt.