Australian Cast Of Hair Announced

By Krisinda Merhi June 25, 2019

Exciting times. 

The sensational star of The Voice, Prinnie Stevens, and a talented tribe of emerging Australian musical theatre stars join the brand new Australian production of HAIR

The cast will perform nationally alongside the four-time Logie award-winning TV and theatre star Hugh Sheridan, and two-time ARIA Award-winning Paulini.  

The ‘60s were divisive, with young people passionate about issues like the environment, free love and peace, and rebelling against the conservative mainstream. The arts pushed the boundaries, and HAIR was a revolutionary concept in 1960s Australia, complete with bell-bottoms, trippy tunes and the infamous nude scene.


This year, a 50th-anniversary performance of the show is touring Australian stages. 

Commencing in August, the new production will tour to Perth, Geelong, Wyong, Wollongong, Sydney and the Gold Coast, with Prinnie Stevens performing the role of Sheila, and Matthew Manahan in the role of Claude. 

Hugh Sheridan will play Berger and Paulini will be in the role of Dionne. There’s a whole army of talented cast members joining the Aussie production under the guidance of producer David M. Hawkins.

"After auditioning for three months and seeing over 800 artists, I am so pleased to be announcing this young, dynamic and exciting cast,” David M. Hawkins said. 

“Declan and the creative team have been working around the clock creating a new version of HAIR for these wonderful actors to embrace, and soon it will be time to share it with the country.” 

Tickets to all shows are on sale NOW! Visit for show and ticketing information. 

WARNING: this show contains: Full Frontal Nudity, Sexual References, Drug References, Racial Slurs and Strobe Lighting Effects. 

Images: Supplied.