‘Frozen’ the musical is coming to Australia and we have no chill

By Krisinda Merhi January 22, 2019


Disney Theatrical Productions has announced Broadway’s ‘Frozen’ the musical is coming to Australia and we have zero chill. 

Zero. Chill. 

Sub-zero chill. 

We’re having a complete melt-down. 

The musical will premiere in July 2020 in Sydney’s Captiol Theatre and will be the FIRST international production of the show. 

Australia should be feeling pretty damn spesh right now.

Directed and choreographed by TWO Tony Award® winners, Michael Grandage and Rob Ashford respectively, ‘Frozen’ is set to be one hell of a snow (yes, we meant SNOW). 

The musical will follow the same storyline as the 2013 hit Disney movie by the same name. 

‘Frozen’ is about two sisters, one with magical powers to command snow and ice, and the bond they share. 

“It was immediately clear that this story of these two loving sisters would sing onstage,” President & Producer of Disney Theatrical Productions, Thomas Schumacher, said. 

“This creative team has created a glorious production and I’m delighted that Australia will be its first international destination.”

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Images: Frozen the Musical AU / Instagram.