Get your pom poms ready ‘cause Bring It On The Musical is Coming Back to Australia

By Krisinda Merhi March 8, 2019

And five, six, seven, eight! 

The Bring It On movies are an unofficial right of passage for every teenage girl. 

Right up there with movies like Mean Girls and She’s The Man, the cheerleader flicks defined our sassy pre-teen years and have stuck with us through adulthood. 

Who doesn’t love a clichéd coming-of-age comedy? 

We also love musicals; everything is better when sung at the top of your lungs. 

So when we found out our two favourite genres had been combined in the musical of our dreams, we were very excited. 

What are we talking about? BRING IT ON THE MUSICAL! 

Yep, the Broadway hit is returning to Melbourne and premiering in Sydney in July and September 2019, respectively.

Inspired by the original 1990s film, the stage production will sparkle with the same sass and high energy. 

The story follows Campbell, who is captain of the squad and cheer royalty at Truman

High School. 

An unexpected redistricting forces her to spend her final year at the neighbouring Jackson High School where she befriends Jackson’s dance crew girls and leads them through the ultimate competition.

“This show is the perfect combination of sassy fun, relevant storylines and spectacular stunts,” said producer David Venn.

“We are currently casting an extraordinary cast of triple-threat performers which is no mean feat – BRING IT ON is one of the most physically demanding musicals on stage. Which of course means we can’t do it without a few multi-talented cheerleading champions in the mix!”


For more details and to join the ticket wait list, visit Tickets going on sale from 21 March. 

Images: Bring It On The Musical.