Wondering what the Duck to do with the kids these hols?

By Giles Hardie December 21, 2018

Sarah and Duck at the Opera House is set to send you quackers in all the right ways.

“Come to the party with Sarah & Duck and friends,” they said.

Was this parent nervous? A little bit. Beloved cartoons and books are the new black when it comes to stage adaptations and sometimes an actor standing on the stage for a story time read along would be preferable.

But in the case of Sarah & Duck, it’s a huge two wings up from this parent and his little duck.

There is no such thing as expectation management with a three-year-old. “Sarah and Duck... QUACK” was on repeat from the back seat all the way to the Opera House.

Yet while expecations were high, attention spans can be short. This performance lasts around an hour, which can be about 59 minutes too long in some cases, but Mr 3 was captivated to the very end. 

The show follows the story of Sarah and her best friend Duck as they plan a circus big top birthday party for Scarf Lady. This means we see the beloved pair and their cohort practicing circus stkills for the party and its fair to say they were ALL in on the act. Sarah, Duck, Scarf Lady, Bag, the Ribbon Sisters, John and Flamingo, Umbrella and Moon. Even The Shallots.

The way each was brought to life was a genuine delight, with bright colourful staging and beautifully crafted puppets.

The voices are provided over the speakers from off and as such easily recognised by the young crowd. While the puppeteers bring the characters to life with just the right mix of singing, dancing and slapstick comedy to keep the little ducklings enthralled. 

While the Shallots and their antics were a hit, of course Duck drew the biggest gasps of delight from the young crowd.

Mr 3’s favourite part and the gripping finale was the circus performance when Duck gets shot out of a cannon. Mine was watching Flamingo on the tight rope. It’s all high flying and high entertainment and very, very nicely done. 

The biggest and best review of course should come from Mr 3, but asking him to write for the site would breach child labour laws.

Suffice it to say, that particular little duck was QUAAAAACKing the whole way home and has been pretty quackers ever since!

Sarah and Duck is live at the Sydney Opera House until Sunday, 23/12