You can watch West Side Story with a view of Sydney Harbour

By Krisinda Merhi January 16, 2019

An iconic location for an iconic show

In 2019, Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour will bring the full splendour of New York City to Sydney’s waterfront with a dazzling production of one of the most iconic musicals:

West Side Story. 

Encounter the wildness of youth and ecstasy of love as this modern day Romeo and Juliet unfolds under a starlit sky. 

On the mean streets of New York's West Side (*cough* Sydney Harbour *cough*), two rival gangs strut their stuff. But when a Jet falls for a Shark, the stage is set for a rumble.

And what a stage it is. 

The harbour-side set is almost two and a half times larger than any other Australian indoor stage and is equipped with custom-built subway cars, graffiti and fireworks. 

Yep, the show will feature some serious pyrotechnics and we’re not complaining– who doesn’t love fireworks on Sydney Harbour?

“Having done the giant chandelier for La Traviata and the towering letters of the Carmen sign I wanted to continue with a big idea,” theatrical designer Brian Thomson said.

“My aim for West Side Story is to present a technicolour version of the graffiti and the grunge of New York City.”

The pop-up venue also features comfortable grandstand seating, a live orchestra (sneakily tucked away below the stage) AND not to mention THAT VIEW. 

If you can break your gaze from the spectacle of lights and costumes on stage, you can enjoy the sight of Sydney Harbour at night. 

Get in early and enjoy the view for a little longer over some wining and dining in one of the bars and restaurants on site.

Drink enough wine and you’ll be dancing in your seat. 

But with popular songs from the original musical, including ‘Tonight, ‘I Feel Pretty’ and ‘America’, you might not even need the wine. 

Handa Opera’s production of West Side Story will run from March 22 - April 21, 2019.  Book now at